I’m Here

‘Tis the time of the year when reflection is generally accepted and resolutions run amok. I have had a long think about what I want to say about the year 2015. All of the good and bad; all of the beautiful and ugly. And still, I have found that there are no profound words coming to me.

Make no mistake, I am thankful.  I am really thankful for this exiting year. I have had a lot of good times. The best part was living with my sister in the earlier part of the year. I had career growth this year. Without going into list, it has been a progressive year. For that, I am thankful.

I was watching  YouTube when I ran into this video and I just felt it was the most fitting song for the end of the year. Have fun, be safe and see you on the other side!




The Novice

Voter's trustI have always been intrigued by politics. Maybe this is the heritage of growing up in a country that was not quite a democracy.  A country that see-sawed between regimes of brutality and corruption. As a child I watched power come and go. I heard about elections and coups. Somewhere between the whispered voices of the populace and the crackdown of the henchmen, I became intrigued with politics and the political process.

The thing that happens when you immigrate though is that you lose one home without quite being at home. I was not in Nigeria to vote but I was not American to vote even as I attained my majority. So a few weeks after my 30th birthday next year, I will be casting my first vote in a nationwide election. I am still debating if I should vote in the primaries since I am a registered democrat.

Now that I am a voter, I find that I am afraid to exercise my power. Back in the days of green card, it was easy to give money. I gave money to Barack Obama in those days. I talked off my mother’s ears about the American politics. That was easy. Being a voter, for me, is hard. To cast my one vote is to say, “I trust you to represent me, to make choices that represent my best chances.”

Maybe my anxiety as a first time voter is more reflective of the current political environment. I see one side with crazy voices. Another side with sensible voices but bland stories. I find that I want to be inspired. Not by the thoughts of the first female president or the first socialist government. I want to look at the candidates and see America’s hope. If  I am honest, I am not much inspired by the candidates. But as a voter, I am forced to choose from a set of imperfect options.

Now Open!

My first syrup for syrupsbyseme! It is a Spiced Apple Hibiscus with notes of apple, orange, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.
My first syrup for syrupsbyseme! It is a Spiced Apple Hibiscus with notes of apple, orange, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

I opened a shop, syrupsbyseme, on Etsy. I put up a picture. Entered in a few details and wham! I joined a legion of small business owners. There is a moment when you are going through the many pages on Etsy when you get to that button that signifies that your business is open. At that button, I paused. Said a prayer. Then pressed the button and suddenly my business was open. Read more