To Not Back Down

I’m a big fan of mantras. This morning I have been telling myself good things. To keep moving. To stay the course. To not give up. To fight the fight. To not back down.

I’m stressed out by something that I don’t want to be stressed out about. Money. 

I never really understood why people struggle to pay for school until now. I’m in the process of figuring how to pay for school. It is amazing how something that is suppose to be helpful becomes this complicated labyrinth of paperwork that derives you to anger and tears.

Yesterday, I cried to my friend about how I really am exhausted with anxiety of wondering if I would have the right amount of funds to even start school. I felt like delaying. I felt like giving up. She kept reminding me that I want to be a nurse. I really want to be a nurse. And I just need to tolerate this short term pain for my long term gain.

I’m a bit more in fighter mode this morning. I still have some of the anxiety of last night. But this morning, I focusing o  the fact that I want this. I want this very much. I want to be a nurse.

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