For Now and For Later

I had an epiphany the other day that o had been doing life wrong. Haha! This isn’t one of my crazy life-changing moment. It is just a slight adjustment of outlook.

So, let me explain myself. I have always lived life focusing on the moment. When I was in school, I focused on school. Then after I got out of school, I complained that I was behind all of my classmates, in terms of career and personal life. The thing I realize now though is that when I was stuck on school, they were juggling school, jobs, relationships and other interests.

So, the reason I always feel behind is that I failed to take a strategic outlook on life. Instead of getting stuck on the minutiae of day to day life, I need to keep an eye on the big picture of my life.

This time around as I go through the process of returning back to school, I am focused on now and later. I am really learning to focus on balance. I prioritize my classes but also make sure I keep up with my loved ones. I am also being really proactive about remembering that the end goal is a career and a personal life. The end goal is not a perfect GPA.

I just keep telling me myself, “Live life as it now and plan for it as you want it to be.” Every time I tell myself this, it allows me to prioritize my day better. It helps me understand that those things that I am doing now that seem useless are part of the end goal. It might not make sense for the life I currently live but it is practice for the life I want to live.

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