Redefining Self-Care

Self care is not about candles and lazy days. Self-care is a daily commitment to care for yourself
I honestly try not to click on Thought Catalog articles when I am on Facebook. Really, I try but I am one of those fishes that bite on click bait. So I end up opening up the article and I am disappointed.

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on an article from Thought Catalog and it made me think deeply. It struck such a nerve that I actually saved it so that I could read it again and again until I was clear on what it had struck.

The article made me rethink the meaning of self-care. I am one of those ones that thinks of self-care as doing calming/relaxing things. My favorite self-care so far has been getting an hour-long massage when I was stressed out this summer. It was glorious. The thing the Thought Catalog article made me realize that though is that self-care should not be about managing stress alone. Self-care should be about designing a life that minimizes stress and encourages self-fulfillment. Read more


I need to surrender to where I am at so that I can get to where I want to be.
I feel like the year 2017 has been a meditation on surrendering.

I am not as strong as used to be just a few short weeks ago. It is taking me a lot of grace to accept that fact.

A few short weeks ago, back in the dark ages of September, I moved houses. It was a tedious process as all moves are. It required a bit of schlepping and heavy lifting of things. And I did. I did it mostly by myself because I could… and because I am bad at asking for help and receiving help.

In the midst of that move I had to learn to develop the grace required to understand that in letting others help me, I am learning to love and be loved. So I asked for help and received help. But it was so easy in that moment because I could do it myself.

Today, I did some lifting because I just was tired of being told I was too sick or not well enough. Nothing makes me feel smaller than knowing I have to wait. I have to wait for others to create time for me. Patience is not one of my greatest strength.

Now that I have done it myself, I regret it. My body was not ready yet. I am still not strong yet. I should simply have waited.

Lesson learned. I need to surrender to where I am at so that I can get to where I want to be.