Stepping Into The Holidays

Happy Holidays

It is the day after Thanksgiving as I write this. I have another Youtube video on in the background. My old college sweatshirt is on and I am wrapped up in a cozy blanket. I feel like the holidays finally kicked.

This morning I woke up early to go to Whole Foods. Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, they have a 50% sale on pies. I am not a big pie person except for one day of the year. Nope. Not on Thanksgiving day. I am a pie person the day after Thanksgiving. In particular, I like the pecan pie from Whole Foods. Unlike the regular pecan pie, the pecan nuts are used as a dense topping on a custard base. For some weird reason, I can tolerate eating this sugary mess once a year. I call it a mess because, under regular circumstances, I don’t like my desserts too sweet. I like less sugar as a general principle.

Once I had that slice of pie, I felt ready to holiday. I am excited about the next 37 days of 2017. I have started doing my gift shopping. I must confess that I am buying Christmas gift for myself this year. I still have a few items left to get for some key people like my Godson. I am also starting to plan my outfit for Christmas and New Year. I should also get started on planning my food menu as well.

I am sort of a holiday person. I am not over-the-top about the holidays. However, for someone who spendsĀ a good chunk of the holidays alone, I do have a decent amount of cheerfulness. I try to make sure that even if I am going to be alone that I make an effort. It means the days go about easier. I also consider my cheerfulness a form of gratitude.

Happy Holidays


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