Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful

It is that time of the year again.  Thanksgiving is here! The biggest food day in the United States and the beginning of the end of the year. There is something about Thanksgiving that just gets me reminiscing about the outgoing year. My best girl and I were talking earlier about how 2017 had been a beast of no name. It has been that year where sometimes we just felt like we wanted to fast forward through all the ups and the downs and get on to next year.

Through all of the drama that has happened this year, I realize that this has been one of the best years of my adult life.

This year, I traveled more than I had in the previous 5 years combined. I got to hang out with my loved ones longer than I have. My big sister got married and she was an absolutely gorgeous bride. My mother moved into a house of her own and reached a milestone age. My best friends gave me a gorgeous baby boy to call my godson. These are just the things that I can speak about publicly.

Sometimes we get hung up on how bad things are because bad things are jarring. I am trying to make it a practice to be more grateful for good things. I am learning to realize that bad thing are doors that are closing so that good things can happen if we allow it.

I am grateful for the year that I have had so far. I am thankful for the love that is new and old. I am thankful for the family that surrounds me by choice or by birth. I am excited about the festivities of the year. I am hopeful for the things that are coming next.

Happy Thanksgiving!